About Dr. Sam

Providing Medical Marijuana Certifications for Eligible PA Residents

Dr Sam 420 has been certifying Pennsylvania residents for their medical marijuana cards since 2018.   

From opioid addiction to managing chronic pain, Dr Sam 420 has been able to help many individuals by educating them on medical cannabis.


At Dr Sam 420, through interactive coursework, we have been able to go above and beyond for our patients. We are highly committed to their safety and well-being. Through the MediCanna Academy with Sasha Noe, DO, Ph.D.—the only one in the United States in Cannabis who educates physicians on the proper administration of medical marijuana and its interactions with patients’ current medications, Dr Sam 420 is prepared to help you with your journey with medical cannabis. 

A Doctor That Cares

At Dr Sam 420, we do not merely want to just certify patients but to serve as a knowledgeable and experienced medical resource able to be part of one’s journey with medical cannabis. If problems arise, we want patients to return so we can partner with them to make recommendations on dose titrations. If the recommendations at the dispensary do not help, we are here to make patients feel comfortable returning to us for reassessment. 

In an age where opioids are taking many lives and tearing apart families; if medical cannabis can help to alleviate this crisis, Dr Sam 420 wants to be part of a solution to help those in need! 

Dr Sam 420 wants to ensure that patients receive optimal benefits from their treatment. To learn more about the process, contact Dr Sam 420 here.

Young Male Psysician With Patient Measuring Blood Pressure