How to Renew Your Marijuana Medical Card

If Dr Sam did not certify you before, he can now! And, what’s even better is that he can perform certifications over the phone/telemedicine without you having to leave your house.  

For new or returning patients, please follow these instructions to renew your medical card.



Other Medications

You may have been certified by another physician in the previous year. We do need to maintain a medical record when Dr Sam re-certifies you.  We simply need to know what medications you are taking to ensure no adverse interactions with medical cannabis.

Fees for Your New Annual Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Once you pay Dr Sam for the recertification consult, you will be renewed/re-certified. You will need to log into your PA Dept of Health MJ Account by clicking on the link HERE
  2. You will have to pay the state the annual card fee of either $50 (or $0 if you receive SNAP/Medicaid/CHIP/PACE).
  3.  If you have moved or your address has changed, please visit “PROFILE SETTINGS” with the State Dept of Heath site and update your address.
  4. If you do not pay the state the annual card fee BEFORE the day you were previously certified, your card will be inactive until it expires.

For Example

You were certified on 6/5/2021 for your medical card. It expires on 6/10/2022. If you do not pay the annual card fee on 6/5/2022, when you go into a dispensary they will tell you that your card is inactive. Once you pay that fee, it will again become active until the expiration date.



If you have any issues with your medical MJ account with the state, please call the state at 888-733-5595 so that they can help you get into your account. You may also email the state: